How to Open NBI Clearance Application Form Online

The question from many NBI Clearance applicants that how I re-open my NBI Clearance Application form? Some applicant asked that they closed the window and don’t know the steps to back it.

Actually, it is very simple. The most important that you have your NBI Clearance Account to re-open your NBI Clearance Application form Online. The applicant can download the NBI Clearance application form from NBI Clearance account. The below image explains more in a better way.

There you will see the screenshot after submitting the NBI Clearance Application. After clicking on PRINT Button, you will get the screenshot.

How to Open NBI Clearance Application Form Online

How to Reopen NBI Clearance Online Application Form

The steps of reopening the NBI Clearance Online Application forms are formed have NBI Clearance Registration Code. Please save the codes for future applications. Type the NBI Clearance registration code in the input box and then click submit.

After clicking on SUBMIT, you can get your NBI Clearance Application Form. You can easily click on a PRINT button to print a copy of NBI Clearance Online Application Form.

Here is the way to know these steps are true with entering fake NBI Clearance Online registration code. You have to type L78512685 and click submit button and wait for results.

This method only works if you have your NBI Clearance Registration Code. Without registration code this method is ineffective. For registration code, you have to again register again in NBI Clearance Online Application.

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