NBI Clearance Requirements Philippines 2020

Requirements For NBI Clearance 2020

What is NBI Clearance requirements? Many people don’t know so in this article we cover requirements of NBI Clearance online for 2020. When you arrive at the NBI Clearance Outlets, you are required to present both your Valid and accurate identification files (Valid IDs).

There are various Valid IDs in the Philippines on hand that are conventional in various transaction in validating a person’s identification such as his or her entire name, address, age and most of the time his or her bodily appearance. The Valid ID that you existingly use which includes any required signatures, should be original, not photocopied or reproduced and ought to now not to be expired, so make sure to check it NBI Clearance requirements also.

Required Documents For NBI Clearance

  • issued by way of a governmental company or the college which you currently attend.
  • an unique file — photocopied archives are now not acceptable.
  • valid and cutting-edge — expired documents (bearing expiration dates that have passed) are now be rejected, no count number how latest the expiration may additionally be.
  • Bear the applicant’s full name.
  • Bear a recent recognizable image that virtually suits the test-taker.
  • in right condition, with simply legible textual content and a actually visible photograph.

II. Requisites for first-time applicants living/working overseas:

  1. Bring two (2) coloured 2” x 2” photograph, taken within three months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. No sleeveless attire. Blurred or low great snap shots are now not accepted. Having an up to date or recent photograph in your Valid ID is very important.
  2. Secure a blue Fingerprint Card shape either from the Office of the Police Attache (5th flooring of the Philippine Center) or the Consulate’s Information Desk (6th floor).

How to Fill up NBI Clearance Requirements Application Form

  • For married women, please write your name in the following order: maiden surname (father’s surname), husband’s surname, first or given name, and maternal surname (mother’s household name).
  1. The Office of the Police Attach (2nd floor) will have your fingerprints impressed (rolled impression) on the suitable spaces. The officer /person who “fingerprinted” you need to sign his identify and country his reliable designation on the house furnished for the purpose on the card.
  • If you cannot come to the Office of the Police Attache, you might also convey your Fingerprint Card to any neighbourhood police station.

Required Documents Online For NBI

The police officer will make the rolled impressions of your fingerprints, then signal over his name and official designation. Afterwards, convey the Fingerprint Card for authentication to any of the following workplaces with jurisdiction over the police station:

  1. The Local County Clerk for documents notarised through notaries commissioned in Northern California;
  2. The Office of the Secretary of State for Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington State and Wyoming; or
  3. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor for Alaska and Utah.
  4. Present/Mail the Fingerprint Card to the Consulate General for authentication.
  • If you will mail the Fingerprint Card, enclose a self-addressed return envelope, with gorgeous stamps for categorical or priority mail with monitoring numbers through US Postal Service, or with pre-paid mailing envelope from private courier of choice. USPS Priority Mail Express envelopes are recommended.
  1. Pay the authentication charge of $25 (non-refundable), payable in money order, bank draft, certified check or cashier’s check, or money when for my part applying. Personal assessments and savings cards are now not accepted. If you will mail your application, do no longer enclose cash. Note: The Philippine Embassy/Consulate General assumes no responsibility for any lengthen or loss in the mail, or while the archives are in the custody of the courier service. The applicant must notice the tracking numbers of all envelopes used and submitted.
  2. Send the authenticated Fingerprint Card to the NBI in the Philippines for issuance of the clearance.

III. NBI Clearance Submission through a Representative in the Philippines

  1. Mail the executed shape to your representative, along with a signed letter authorizing him/her to transact commercial enterprise on your behalf. Your relative may also visit the workplace of the Electronic Data Processing Division (EDPD) in NBI Taft Avenue, Manila for in addition assistance.
  2. Upon receipt of your clearance certificate, please observe it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its decrease left portion. The clearance is invalid except it. You need to additionally affix your clear and exact taken THUMBPRINT on the space provided for on the clearance certificate with the assistance of any neighborhood police in your vicinity before submitting it to the end-user.

REQUISITES (for applicants living/working overseas renewing their NBI clearance, issued from 1998 onwards):

If NBI clearance used to be issued prior to 1998. Or you have misplaced your private replica of the certificate then comply with the instructions for First Time applicants from abroad.

  1. Original NBI clearance, with up to date information for address and purpose of clearance indicated; otherwise, write “Same Data”, if none
  2. For adjustments in name, date of start or place of birth, duly-accomplished Fingerprint Card form, with photocopy of Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate 3.
  3. 2 coloured photographs, 2” x 2”, taken inside three months before the date of application, displaying a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background. No sleeveless attire. Blurred or low exceptional pictures are no longer accepted.
  4. Photocopy of your passport with date stamped proving your presence overseas
  5. Send all of the above archives to the NBI, adhering the similar sending directions above.

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